“Kira Soltanovich isn’t really a girl behaving badly.”

By Jason Tanamor

Even though Kira Soltanovich stars on The Oxygen Channel’s “Girls Behaving Badly,” her behavior really warranted this name during her days in private school. “When I was 6 years old in the first grade, I went to a private school where there were about 100 students. I had a permanent desk in the hallway in front of my 1st grade room,” said Soltanovich. “My teachers knew when I started in with my “material,” and I did write jokes back then, that they would have to sit me outside.”

What the teachers didn’t know, according to the comedienne and actress, was that she was out there, not learning lessons, but thinking up new jokes. “When my teacher would open the door and ask me if I was ready to join the class, I would blurt out my newest bit, the entire class would laugh and she would slam the door in my face. The laughter I heard on the other side of the door must be what heroin is like. I was hooked,” said Soltanovich.

Born in the former Soviet Union, the Ukraine to be exact, Soltanovich’s family left the country en route to a warmer climate in San Francisco, CA. And although Soltanovich makes her living in Los Angeles, she doesn’t mind being there. “I don’t hate it. I’m not one of those people that complains about L.A., how everyone is “fake,” the girls are all anorexic, and the guys won’t date you unless you’re... well, anorexic,” said Soltanovich. “I love L.A., no joke. It’s 70 (degrees) in the winter. Nuff said.”

Since residing in the city of angels, Soltanovich has developed a high energy act that partly involves talking about her Russian family. It’s either that or working a deluge of jobs, something she experienced before her comedy career took off. “I have had a myriad of jobs. I would always do stand-up at night, but during the day I was a personal assistant, a substitute teacher, a tour guide at the San Diego Zoo,” said Soltanovich. “I once worked in a chocolate factory, and of course a waitress. Legally, if you’re an actress in L.A. you have to work as a waitress at least once. Union rules. If I wasn’t a comic, I would be a miserable employee. I would drive everyone in my cubicle, office or Kinko’s break room crazy.”

As long as Soltanovich is working in comedy, she’ll take everything that comes with it, save for the one time she worked with a certain male headliner. “I was sharing a Comedy Condo and he tried to make out with me. I would never do that!” Soltanovich said. “It was awkward for the rest of the week.”

Soltanovich has appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” “3rd Rock From The Sun,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” and is a recurring stand up comic on the E! Network and VH1’s “All Access” and “Love Lounge.” As for having her own sitcom, it’s certainly an aspiration. “A sitcom is just another form of entertainment I would love to do, but it’s not why I am a stand-up,” Soltanovich said.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous."

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