“Amputee goes from Howard Stern to Playboy.”

By Jason Tanamor

All Jennifer Krum wanted to do was get on the Howard Stern show. The 29-year-old Pennsylvania resident has been a huge fan of the shock jock radio host and once tried applying for the Miss Howard Stern title. “My video camera malfunctioned when I tried to make a tape, and I couldn’t find another one to use in time,” Krum said. “I figured he’d love to meet me as I have a fake arm and have a ton of crazy talents that only Howard could love.” Instead, she tried out for Howard Stern’s Miss Amputee Pageant, and like the old saying goes, “The rest is history.”

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing the Lancaster resident during the height of her popularity. Also, she seemed really cool.

Q - So, you’re the first ever amputee to pose for Playboy. Do you think this will trigger into more and more amputees posing for the magazine?

A - You never know. I think that if Playboy believes that someone who happens to be an amputee is attractive enough, they’d be more than willing to work with them. I’m pretty sure they had a paraplegic in the magazine before, so it’s not like they refuse to shoot someone because of a disability. Maybe the fact that I worked with Playboy despite being an amputee will encourage others like me to go for it.

Q - Why do you think there hasn’t been an amputee in Playboy before?

A - I don’t necessarily think there’s a specific reason as to why. It’s probably something that just never came about. Like I said, I don’t believe they’d turn someone who is attractive away just because they are an amputee.

Q - Do you think Howard Stern was exploiting amputees in a positive or negative light when he came up with the Miss Amputee label?

A - This is the way I look at it: If I don’t feel as if I’m being exploited as an amputee, nobody else should. It’s all in good fun, and I think people sometimes need to learn not to take things so seriously. I think that by having such a pageant on his show, Howard kind of made light of what some might consider strange, and I certainly don’t mind having the title of “Miss Amputee.” Personally, I think that being able to laugh at yourself every now and then is the key to being happy in life.

Q - So, when you won, did you think, “This is it. I’m going back to my normal life.”?

A - Pretty much. I had no expectations after having won at all. All I really wanted out of the whole thing was to meet Howard Stern. Everything that came out of it all was a complete surprise.

Q - How soon did the Playboy offer come in?

A - What happened was the week after the pageant, I heard Howard talking on the air about the “Robospanker” machine they had just gotten. It’s this automatic spanking machine they’d ordered, and they were trying to figure out who they could put into it first. Nobody seemed to want to, so for fun I called in and told him I’d do it. Howard and the gang were all about it, so I went back up just a couple of days later to be spanked with my own arm. It was during that appearance that the people at playboy.com heard about me, and asked if I wanted to do a shoot with them. I agreed, and just four days later, I was shooting with Playboy in Chicago. It all happened really quickly.

Q - How has your life changed since you’ve posed for Playboy?

A - Quite honestly, things haven’t changed much for me at all in my day to day life. I do the same things I’ve always done on a day to day basis, and people don’t recognize me and stuff when I go out. I’d say the only thing that’s changed is that I get asked to do interviews all the time now, and have offers to do different product endorsements. That’s about all. I’m really just a normal gal.

Q - Is this something you’re hoping to parlay into a career in entertainment?

A - If something like that should come out of this it would be very cool, but that isn’t really my goal. I don’t want to act or be in movies or anything like that. The only thing entertainment wise I’d do is to be some sort of news reporter or host on a TV show or something. Otherwise, I definitely have no desire to be “famous.” I just want to do some good in the world and make a decent living doing it. That’s really my only goal.

Q - If a more raunchy magazine comes forward, like Penthouse or Hustler, are you willing to do a full nude pictorial instead of the topless one you did for Playboy?

A - Absolutely not. Although I’m totally supportive of girls who pose completely nude, I decided that I’d only go topless for my pictorial, just because I wanted to leave a little something to the imagination. Playboy is definitely as far as I go when it comes to doing “adult” type work though, and my only reason for having done it in the first place was because of the positive message I knew it could send to others out there with disabilities. I did an interview to be published in an upcoming issue of Hustler, which I was totally cool with - but it’s just an interview, nothing more. I was totally flattered that Playboy wanted to work with me, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to - but I can’t really see myself doing any further nude work with anyone.

Q - What does your family and friends think about you posing?

A - My family and friends are very supportive of everything. Nobody has been negative at all about anything that’s happened with me as of late, even fans who email me, which is awesome. I have a wonderful support system.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous."

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