"Forgetting Sarah Marshall." - DVD Review.

By Bob Zerull

3 1/2 Stars:

Another movie from the Judd Apatow crew! “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” is proof that male nudity is funny. Star Jason Segal plays Peter Bretter, a musician who just got dumped by his girlfriend Sarah Marshall played by Kristen Bell from “Veronica Mars” and “Heroes” fame. After Peter consults with his brother, played by Bill Hader (“SNL,” “Superbad”) he takes a vacation to Hawaii, only to discover that Sarah and her new boyfriend Aldous Snow, played by up and coming comedian Russell Brand, are at the same hotel he’s staying in. Peter meets Rachel Jansen, played by Mila Kunis from “That 70’s Show,” and she tries to help Peter forget about Sarah Marshall.

All in all, this movie is good, but it doesn’t live up to “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” or “Superbad” which were all great movies. There are good laughs in the movie, but Jason Segal isn’t as likeable as Seth Rogen, Jonah Hill and Steve Carell.

What’s Good?

Russell Brand, he steals every scene he is in. He is going to be the next big star to come out of the Judd Apatow family. Russell Brand plays a recently sober rock star that is currently dating Sarah Marshall. Paul Rudd is the best thing in every movie from the Judd Apatow family; unfortunately he isn’t in this movie enough. Jason Segal’s penis shines in the opening scene of the movie. The logic being that she can’t break up with you if you’re naked. It makes for a hilariously awkward scene. Finally, Mila Kunis is surprisingly good. I think she’s more than just a TV star and has a bright future on the big screen.

What’s Bad?

Some of the jokes fall flat and the dialogue doesn’t flow as well as “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” “Knocked Up,” or “Superbad,” but don’t let that detract you from seeing this movie, because it is still a funny movie. If you love movies from the Judd Apatow crew then you’ll like this movie.


Bob Zerull is a frequent movie and concert goer who talks about his ventures to arenas and theaters more than any person should be allowed to do. Now, he puts them down on paper.

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