“Jamie Kennedy experiments with stand-up comedy.” - Concert Review.

By Jason Tanamor

Jamie Kennedy, mostly known for his acting in such films like “Malibu’s Most Wanted,” the Scream trilogy and “Son of the Mask,” ventured outside the screen to do a string of stand-up comedy shows.

Kennedy, born in Pennsylvania, got his start with a minor role in the movie, “Dead Poets Society.” From there, he landed his most notable role as Randy Meeks in the Scream trilogy.

Unlike his roles in movies and television, Kennedy delivers a different type of character in a solid comedy act that revolves around his life of being a young, single Hollywood actor that, in his words, “is a geek” who has bad luck with women. Although we’ll never get to know Kennedy personally to make a judgment call, the ladies in the nearly packed crowd, particularly the front row, seemed to think otherwise.

Kennedy bantered a bit with the audience but, for the most part, had a rehearsed set that went on for more than one hour. His highlight was when he talked about going to Europe for a few stand-up gigs. Kennedy went on for nearly twenty minutes, talking about the differences between American porn and European porn. Most notably the way the Europeans acted, which is far more polite than their American counterparts, the comedian also touched on the physicalities of the men, to which they were a lot better looking than the women in the adult industry, a far cry from how it is in America.

Kennedy displayed how a European porno looked, mimicking a man having sex while talking in a European accent while being polite. The audience appreciated this part of the comic’s routine, as the laughs were non-stop throughout the entire duration. “God bless the Queen,” and “I’m sorry I came on your foot,” were two of the phrases that caused the laughter, and when Kennedy acted as if he was a concerned British porno star who wanted nothing more than to wipe up the penis excrement, the crowd lost it.

Kennedy also went into various personalities, including black men, white men, Japanese women, in which he introduced the terms Blackcent, and Crackcent, in regard to how black and white men talk.

With various pieces that linked the entire show together, including how women nowadays have a better sense of hygiene when it comes to their lower region, such as having a landing strip versus a Chia Pet back in the ‘80’s, and drunk girls and how they like to tease (by saying “Just teasing!”), causing men to incorporate the blow job technique of push and smush, where men just keep ramming their penis into the woman’s mouth while she’s trying to talk.

One of the funniest things I’ve heard was when Kennedy said, “What if terrorists were like women and teased us?” Talking in a foreign accent, the comedian went into a dialogue that included a terrorist telling you that he just hooked up a bomb in your car, only to say, “Just teasing. No, really, your car will explode when you start it. Just teasing.” Then, to nail the landing, Kennedy threw out, “Now take off your pants. I’m not teasing.”

Fans of Kennedy, whether it is for his serious roles or comedy ones, will appreciate this part of the actor’s repertoire.

Jamie Kennedy can be seen in Jennifer Love Hewitt’s, “The Ghost Whisperer,” replacing Jay Mohr.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He is also the author of the novels, "Hello Lesbian!" and "Anonymous."

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