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If you are an entertainer/advertiser or you have a product you want to sell or promote and you want a cost effective means of advertising, Zoiks! Online now provides advertising at a low cost. You can be sure your ad will be seen by a unique audience which involves stand-up, music, television and movies and social commentary. With an Alexa ranking high in the United States and the world’s ranking not far behind, your ad will be seen by thousands of visitors per month.

To place an ad, please contact me directly. I can give you rates. For a snapshot of Zoiks! Online, click here.

Zoiks! Online also does pay per post. If you want to get news out there, instead of advertising, you can pay for a single post.

Also, if you want to do a link exchange, please contact me and we can work something out.

NOTE: Zoiks! Online may or may not coincide with content on third party ads. Having said that, Zoiks! Online is NOT responsible for results of third party ads. Buyer beware.


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