Caption Monday - What are they saying?

Join Zoiks! Online every Monday for Caption Monday. Basically there will be a photo of one celebrity. You, the reader, have to put words in their mouths. Please be tasteful and do not say anything that will make you look stupid. Those comments will be deleted. In other words, let’s have fun with it.

Adam Lambert - January 17, 2011
Lady Gaga - January 24, 2011
Demi Lovato - January 31, 2011
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart - February 7, 2011
Kendra Wilkinson - February 14, 2011
Lindsay Lohan - February 21, 2011
Justin Bieber - February 28, 2011
Charlie Sheen - March 7, 2011
Selena Gomez - March 14, 2011


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Anonymous said...

I suggest you remove this pic. I shall not visit this site again until you do so. Never mind what they are saying .. WHAT are YOU THINKING??????

Anonymous said...

Couldn't you have posted a different picture? He's a singer ya know!


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