Acclaimed rockers Stone Sour have announced details of "Meanwhile In Burbank…" a five song record store day exclusive EP featuring covers of legendary artists including Black Sabbath, Metallica, KISS, Judas Priest and Alice In Chains.  Recorded live at Room 237 in Burbank, CA, "Meanwhile In Burbank…" will be available on vinyl exclusively at select record stores on April 18th.


Stone Sour guitarist Josh Rand commented on the EP, "Back in February of 2014 while Stone Sour was touring, Corey approached me about Stone Sour doing a cover of the Metal Church song 'The Dark' for the movie Fear Clinic. I thought it would be cool not only to record 'The Dark,' but the five cover songs that we had played on that tour."  Rand added, "The idea was not to shy away from a song because it was popular or pick a band that most people might not have heard, but to pick ones that truly meant something to one of us at some point in our life."


Earlier this month Stone Sour released their new digital single, "The Dark," which was recorded for the film Fear Clinic, the latest excursion into unrelenting terror by Anchor Bay Entertainment starring horror icon Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund alongside Stone Sour and Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor in his acting debut.  Originally performed by Metal Church, "The Dark" is currently available via iTunes with a companion video piece streaming on Fear Clinic's official YouTube channelFear Clinic is available now on Blu-Ray and DVD HERE.


Stone Sour - Corey Taylor (Vocals), Josh Rand (Guitar), Roy Mayorga (Drums), Johny Chow (Bass) and Christian Martucci (Guitar) - have been busy working on "Meanwhile In Burbank…" since releasing their monumental two part album, House of Gold & Bones, which produced three Top 5 singles on the BDS Rock Chart ("Tired," "Absolute Zero," and "Do Me a Favor"). Both Part 1 and Part 2 of the two-part concept album - following a linear storyline written by singer Corey Taylor – debuted in the Top 10 on the Billboard 200 marking four consecutive Top 10 album debuts for Stone Sour.  Furthermore, House of Gold & Bones Part 2 staked its claim amongst the best rock albums of 2013, earning high honors in Revolver's "Top 20 Albums of 2013" with critic Richard Bienstock exclaiming, "the record grabs hold of listeners' attention and imagination and refuses to let go."  In addition, Noisecreep selected  House of Gold & Bones Part 2 as one of their "Top 10 Rock + Metal Albums of 2013" and chose  the video for the album's lead single, "Do Me a Favor" as the #1 "Music Video of 2013" while Loudwire picked "Do Me a Favor" as their #1 "Rock Song of 2013."


Over the course of the past decade, Stone Sour has sold over four million albums worldwide and garnered three Grammy Award nominations.  Their self-titled debut and sophomore effort Come What(ever) May both exceeded Gold status, while the group has built an international army of fans thanks in part to their relentless touring and incendiary live performances . For more information, please visit,,, and 


1)            We Die Young

2)            Heading Out To The Highway

3)            Love Gun

4)            Creeping Death

5)            Children Of The Grave


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MUSIC NEWS: New Years Day Signs With Another Century Records

NEW YEARS DAY have inked a world-wide deal with Another Century Records and will release a brand new, full-length album later this year. The group will spend all summer on Warped Tour across North America in support of their their 5-song EP Epidemic, which was released through Grey Area Records last fall. NEW YEARS DAY are currently on tour with Motionless In White across the US until March 29th. See below for all remaining tour dates and head over to for all additional information.
Ash Costello (vocals) states: "We are so thrilled to be on Warped Tour again this summer. It is our favorite tour of the year, and can't wait to get out there in the hot sun and hear your voices. We are also very excited to sign with Another Century Records and work with a great team of people, who are just as excited as we are. Our current tour with Motionless In White has been such an amazing experience. We have been friends for a few years and Chris sang on our last album, so it's nice bringing it all together for us and the fans. We look forward to seeing you all soon, so come on out to the shows and be sure to come say hello to us."
"Defame Me" Music Video
"Angel Eyes" Music Video (featuring Chris from Motionless In White)

*If your outlet is interested in covering NEW YEARS DAY on the "Beyond The Barricade" tour, please reach out. The band is available for any preview or review show coverage, as well as interviews with Ash Costello*
NEW YEARS DAY is a band that encourages their fans to embrace something that is very hard to do in a forward-thinking digital trend era; to be themselves. The Anaheim, CA band was put on the map in 2013 with their last full-length record Victim to Villain, but It is safe to say they have been through hell and back. From near-death touring experiences to bad record label situations, all of their blood sweat and tears have built a band beyond buzz-worthy and ready to show off their best songs to date. The band consists of captivating vocalist Ash Costello, bassist Tyler Burgess,  guitarist Nikki Misery and drummer Nick Rossi.

Be sure to pick up ANONYMOUS, the novel that Publishers Weekly hailed as a "well-crafted piece of experimental, voyeuristic fiction..." and "a winning jumble of the gritty, the raw, and the grotesque" at
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Concert Review: Nickelback Performance Urges My Question of Why They Are so Hated.

Nickelback returned to Moline, IL’s iWireless Center for a nearly two hour performance of the band’s greatest hits and a couple of new tunes. The No Fixed Address Tour, named after the band’s new album, consisted of new songs - “Million Miles an Hour” and “Edge of a Revolution” - and tunes that “you always hear on the radio,” according to front man Chad Kroeger.

This partly plays into the notion that Nickelback seems to be one of the most hated bands in America. For me, I consider myself a casual Nickelback fan mainly because I’ve only heard their songs on the radio, never actually buying an album. And by casual I mean if the radio is playing and a Nickelback song comes on, I don’t generally change the station.

Personally, I think a lot of their songs sound the same, which may be the reason why people dislike them. Or possibly that they are, in fact, one of the biggest bands in the world and people are jealous and like to jump on hated bandwagons, much like they do with Dane Cook and the New York Yankees.

So, let’s forget about the haters for a moment.

(Photo by Michael Muller)

Those in attendance were diehard Nickelback fans. During the course of the performance, many fans sang and danced along, especially the group of women in front of me, who did not let their age (possibly mothers or grandmothers) stand in their way of letting loose. Every dance you’ve learned at weddings, they did. The hula hoop, the running man, the cabbage patch, you name it. The Spider-Man - with your hand spinning a web where you’re acting like you’re a rapper thug but clearly you are a white chick - dance, they also did. I swear if there was enough room, they would have broken out the centipede.

As for the band, Kroeger played to the crowd like a successful front man should do, saying “We’re back!” after the first song, reinforcing that the band has not forgotten the Quad-Cities. And intermittently after each song throughout he engaged the audience with personal anecdotes about the band, their fans, and the like. In one spot of the concert, Kroeger “provided” to the audience around 50 glasses of beer by beer tossing the cups into the crowd.

Witnessing this band and crowd interaction is a testament of why the band has such an intimate relationship with their fans. And conceivably why they are as big as they are. Kroeger treated the audience like family, noting at one point that their shows were like big family reunions. Much like a family reunion (e.g. a wedding), it explains the behavior of the group of women in front of me, who clearly did not give a shit about how they looked and were specifically there to have fun.


Jason Tanamor is the Editor of Zoiks! Online. He also is the author of the novels, The Extraordinary Life of Shady GrayHello Lesbian!Hello Fabulous!, and Anonymous. Visit him at Email him at
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